Ripple Magic with Amy Scott Grant
  • Are you ready to move forward with grace, ease, and velocity?
  • Are you willing to acknowledge your fear, and move forward in spite of it?
  • Have you felt nudges from your higher self, a sense you’re meant to do or be something more?
  • Are you interested in becoming masterful at healing your own blocks, doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs?
  • Imagine your life, completely in flow. Your intuition guides you daily, nudging you in the most optimal direction, toward the most optimal choices at all times.
  • Decisions flow with ease, synchronicities abound, and opportunities present themselves at every turn. To others, your life appears charmed.
  • Your relationships deepen and grow even more fulfilling…you enjoy a healthy, happy relationship with money...your physical issues are resolved, so you can feel good and strong and happy.
  • The most significant change is how you feel about yourself and your life. There’s a newfound sense of ease about you. You’re more relaxed, more confident, happier.
  • This wells from deep within you, because you know you are now empowered to handle absolutely anything that arises in your life. And that power, that awareness, brings a peace of mind that can’t be matched. 

Ripple Magic Transformation is a highly interactive and fully personalized one-year spiritual development program. Ripple Magic is designed specifically to help you cultivate your own healing and energy powers, and then what you do with these newly developed powers is entirely up to you. For example, you might decide to: 

  • heal yourself, your friends and family.
  • set and achieve bigger, more powerful goals than ever before.
  • create your ideal career or working situation.
  • find your soulmate.
  • launch a healing or coaching business or side business.
  • take that exotic vacation you’ve been dreaming about.
  • become a Ripple Magic Facilitator or Ripple Magic Leader.
  • develop your own healing methods.
  • author a book, create a program, appear on telesummits and radio.

About Amy

Folks call me the Spiritual Ass Kicker because I kick ass at what I do, and I’m not afraid to tell the truth—about you, about me, about anything I see. I’ve spent the last 12 years or so helping people to get clear, and I’m damn good at it. Without a doubt, it is my calling and as much as I love to joke around and laugh, I am dead serious when it comes to healing and mentoring to get results.

As I began to see the ripple effect of what happens when one person experiences one clearing, the Universe started nudging me to create bigger and bigger ripples. “Teach the people to heal themselves,” I heard. That’s why I started Ripple Magic: Heal It Yourself. I don't want you to feel like you can’t get new stuff cleared without me, or that you’ll be forever dependent upon me.

I’ll get you started, and then I’ll show you how to stoke the fire and keep those embers burning and glowing forevermore. Because who knows how many others will be impacted by your abilities to heal? That’s where my true inspiration comes from — the ultimate outward impact of Ripple Magic.

We don't spam, ever. Because karma's a bitch.

  • Membership to the Private Ripple Magic Mastermind (priceless).
  • One FULL year of The Clearing of the Month Club ($497 value).
  • Clear for a Year - 52 weekly audio clearings ($197 retail).
  • Half Hour of Universal Awesomeness full episode archives.
  • Ripple Magic Money Course - clear your blocks around money, wealth, debt ($997 value).
  • Ripple Magic Fundamentals Course (Learn to Heal It Yourself) ($997 value).
  • Ripple Magic Forgiveness audio clearing ($97 retail).

And as an added BONUS, you’ll also receive:  

  • Red Hot Money Magnet Feng Shui Course - give your living space a full energy makeover in less than 90 days ($297 retail).
  • The Prosperity BLOCK Buster Audio Clearing ($97 retail).
  • Exclusive invitations to attend retreats and virtual private healing events, and to participate in early product samples and testing (priceless).

  • You are right now ready for change in your life.
  • You’re all out of excuses and reasons to delay your own happiness .
  • You want results. 
  • You’re finally ready to dream bigger than ever before.
  • You want those icky, nasty, annoyingly persistent blocks GONE for good.
  • You’re looking for leadership and spiritual support .
  • You’re ready to make a BIG impact in your world.

** If you are interested in taking the course to the next level, completing it in the desired time frame and having direct feed back from our Ripple Magic Facilitators… you may be interested in the Masters Level. There are only 20 spots available in this highly immersive level so it is available only for those who are ready for an intense and speedy transformation. You can submit for an interview after enrolling in Ripple Magic Transformation.

Many of our Ripple Magic Transformation peeps:

  • Experience a newfound sense of personal power, confidence, and clarity.
  • Release physical conditions, sensitivities, aches, and pains.
  • Launch and grow successful healing businesses (even if this wasn’t their original intent).
  • Increase abundance many times over.
  • Go on to become Ripple Magic Leaders
    and/or Ripple Magic Facilitators.